Qantas and Tourism and Events Queensland Partner for a New Tourism Campaign

25th Jul 2016

Australian flag carrier Qantas has signed a $10 million worth deal with Tourism and Events Queensland on Monday that will allow the state to bring more international visitors there.

The Sunshine State has recently lost the second place in international visitors to Victoria, although it has more tourist numbers, but trails behind when it comes to business and family travelers. Both states currently lag behind New South Wales as preferred destinations for international visitors.

The good news for Queensland is that foreign visitors to this state spent nearly $20 billion, while the state also recorded 2,42 million international travelers in the first quarter of the 2016.

According to the arrangement Qantas has made with Tourism and Events Queensland, the two will work on both domestic and international marketing activities and intensive campaigns in United States, United Kingdom and in Asia.

Queensland Tourism Minister Kate Jones is to announce a marketing and promotional campaign with Qantas today. The campaign is set to last three years.

Ms Jones said about the partnership with Qantas:

"We are thrilled one of the world's iconic airlines will continue to partner with Tourism and Events Queensland across international and Australian markets to ensure Queensland is the first choice for travellers. TEQ and Qantas will work together to further enhance Queensland's global reputation as the best destination on Earth through strategic marketing and digital campaigns, cross-promotion activity and media and trade opportunities."

She also said that the partnership will focus on the major markets in the tourism industry, specifically New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Asia and the United States.

Chief Executive Officer at Qantas Airways Gareth Evans also commented that the biggest airline in Australia serviced more destinations in Queensland than it did in any other Australian state and is bringing millions of visitors to the Sunshine State on a yearly basis.

This isn't the first time Qantas works with TEQ, as their previous partnership showed very good results in major markets. The new arrangement could prove to be even more successful, especially if they manage to tap into the potential of the state's northern region, especially the Great Barrier Reef, which has become an attractive destination for travellers from Asia.