New Australian Passport Comes With Hi-tech Security Features

28th Jun 2014

Possession of the new Australian passport is now more secure than ever with the improved security features using the latest technology application to prevent it from getting forged by unscrupulous individuals.

The previous and current series of passports already featured security feature with a smart chip embedded between their pages. The additional security feature in the newest series serves as a reinforcement to make it doubly hard to counterfeit, enabling passport holders to feel more secure.

The Department of Foreign Affairs will issue the 'e-passports' progressively to new applicants, as well as those who apply for a renewal of their travel document. The new e-passport is printed employing the same technology used in the printing of Australian banknotes, considered as one of the most tamper-proof cash notes in the world.

The new generation Australian passports is dubbed 'P' series following the present M and N series, all featuring the gold Australian coat of arms emblazoned on the center of its blue cover.

The most visible security features in the new passport lie in the identity information page which is a laminate of retro-reflective floating images of kangaroos.

The latest security features of the new Australian 'P' series passport are aimed at the government's effort to combat fraud, organized crime and terrorism, bolstering national security.